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People of BYL: We wish a fond farewell and best wishes to Katy from our BYL team
Special Event: Sandwich Day with Julie Morrison on Tuesday, April 12
Feature Article: How to Be Greener in 2016: Recycle
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People of BYL
This People of BYL feature is bittersweet this week. The entire BYL team wishes a fond farewell and best wishes to our very own Katy as she moves on to pursue a new, exciting opportunity at the University of Tennessee. If you’ve been to our bakery, you’ve probably met Katy. She’s usually the first person you meet when you walk through our door. Her smile, kind heart and engaging personality just make you feel at home and welcome. She does a fantastic job in helping to change our customers’ lives and has been invaluable in helping during the ownership transition since last December. We will really, really miss her as will our customers. Please take this week to say your goodbyes and share your best wishes with Katy.

Special Event Julie Morrison, author of Survive & Thrive Gluten Free, is back! If you enjoyed our pizza day, you’ll love this event, too! This time, Julie is baking bread for some extra special sandwiches for a great weekday lunch treat. Join us from 11:30am - 1:30pm on Tuesday, April 12. More details coming soon! Feature Story This section of the newsletter is provided to share information about the latest gluten free research and products, health related topics, sustainable/green living, natural living, etc.

How to Be Green(er) in 2016: Recycle: Making Use of Our Used

By: Katy Powell
Reduce: check. Reuse: check. Now, we’re recycling. The last imperative in the environmental refrain. Recycling is an important element because, like when we reuse, we give things (commonly, our trash) a second life and a second purpose. This is critical because our world and our resources are not endless. We live in a beautiful country and on a beautiful earth, and yet maybe sometimes we forget that. When we are stuck inside at our jobs or our homes or our cars, we can easily forget where all of our stuff comes from. It comes from the earth. And most of the time, once we take it out, we can’t put it back in. Read more...

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